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An easy to set up OpenShift development kit powered by Red Hat Ansible.

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Satellite 6 Installation

The qubinode-installer can install Satellite 6 and configure it. The installation deploys a Red Hat IdM VM. This is use to provide DNS services. Then it deploys a VM to function as the Satellite server. Finally, it configures Satellite server to that it’s ready for use.

To proceed you need to get your Satellite server manifest and save as ${projectdir}/ The project_dir is the location where you have downloaded the Qubinode project. This should be /home/<username>/qubinode-installer.


You have two options for launching the installation.

(1) One shot installation

From the project folder run.


Choose Options:

(2) Step through the installation.

From the project folder run.

./qubinode-install -m setup       # ensure varaibles and sudoers is setup
./qubinode-install -m rhsm        # ensure system is registered to RHSM
./qubinode-install -m ansible     # ensure ansible roles are downloaded
./qubinode-install -m host        # ensure the system is setup as a KVM host
./qubinode-install -p idm         # ensure the IdM server is deployed
./qubinode-install -p satellite   # deploy the satellite server

The completed installation will display a menu similar to this:

 *  The Satellite server has been deployed with login details below.      *

      Web Url: https://qbn-sat01.lunchnet.example 
      Username: admin 
      Password: the vault variable *admin_user_password* 

      Run: ansible-vault edit /home/admin/qubinode-installer/playbooks/vars/vault.yml